We’ve all been there — embarrassed and frustrated by not being able to lose those last few pounds and feeling less than energetic and healthy because of extra, unneeded fat. But weight loss takes on a whole new level of concern after the age of 40. With drastic hormone changes being an issue for an overwhelming majority of people, losing even a minimal amount of weight becomes practically impossible.

Because hormones play a significant role in metabolic functions, the natural drop in levels causes a variety of symptoms, including the loss of muscle mass. The result is the increased storage of fat. Both men and women experience the inability to lose weight as they age, which is only exacerbated by the lack of energy and disrupted sleep patterns that also come hand-in-hand with the reduction of testosterone and estrogen.

Fortunately, there are remedies. Through hormone replacement therapy, the doctors at Apollo Men’s Health can restore beneficial hormone levels and provide the kick start you need to lose those pounds. Furthermore, you’ll protect your skin, bone, and muscle health while enjoying a youthful boost of energy and better sleep.

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